Sound Healing Session

Sound Healing Sessions

Each Session is tailored to each client.  The session will focus on stuck energy, Chakra clearing, Traumas and Personal Wellness issues that the client may have. 

These session are a joint agreement between Facilitator and the client.  We will work together to co-create a positive outcome. The client agrees to follow home healing assignments for self healing and change. 

As part of the process for this treatment plan, all four sessions are booked and paid for on the first session. I do offer a payment plan if needed.  

Clients Are required to come to all schedule appointments. 24 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. No call or no show will be charged for the full session.  

Instruments that maybe used but not limited too:

Tuning Forks

Tibetan Bowls

Crystal Bowls


Raddles or Shakers



Pipe Chimes 

Steel Drum

Ocean Drum

Understanding of the purpose of Sound Healing and the Afore mentioned Modalities:

I understand the modalities of Sound Healing, are simple, gentle techniques used for stress reduction, increased relaxation, pain management and compliment medical or psychological care I may be receiving.

I understand Sound Healing does not ever replace traditional medical care. The Sound Healing Practitioner does not ever diagnose conditions, prescribe substances, perform medical treatment nor interfere with the treatment plans of a licensed medical professional.

I understand it is my sole responsibility to seek medical or psychological treatment from a licensed health care professional should I need assistance. 

I understand the body has the ability to heal itself and to do so , complete relaxation is beneficial. I acknowledge that long term body energy imbalance sometimes require multiple Sound Healing sessions to facilitate the level of personal Health needed.