Reiki Recharge with Amethyst eye mask  ($45.00)

This session is great when you are short on time and need an energy recharge.

Reiki session ( 30 minutes)   ($35.00)

Reiki Session ( 60 minutes)   ($60.00)

Reiki sessions relax your mind body and spirit. Reiki can help with chronic stress, anxiety, and pain.

Reiki with sound session  (30 minutes)  ( $55.00)

Reiki with Sound Session (60 minutes)  ($110.00)

In this session, you will receive an assessment done with Tibetan bowls, other instruments that may be used are:(tuning forks and raddles). Your chakras will be cleared with instruments. The session will end with a reiki energy boost. This kind of session brings great relaxation and stress release. Clients have stated great relaxation and overall body and mind peacefulness.

Couple Bookings

Couple booking for Reiki with Sound sessions 60 minute session per person 15% off 

Sound Bath Sessions

Sound Baths are group sessions:

Sound Baths are great for reducing your stress, tension, and anxiety it has also been known to help reduce body pain. This session lasted around an hour. For full details check out my Event page.

If you would like to schedule a private home sound Bath for several people, or a small get-together at your home please call to set up an appointment. 

I also offer Sound Baths at different locations. Please check my Event page for all upcoming Sound Baths.


To Schedule any of my services please go to my contact page. My contact information and Business hours for services will be there.