Reiki One on One Session with Minna's Soul Vibrations

Please come and join us for a relaxing session at Minna's Soul Vibrations. 

Reenergize your mind, body and Soul With Reiki energy. Reiki has been known to help reduce stress, anxiety, calm the mind and body from every day stress. Stress is one factor that contributes to many illnesses. Helping to reduce your every day stress may have health benefit. Reiki helps to aide in stress reduction and creates relaxations.  Reiki can also help to aide in boosting your energy level. 

At Minna's Soul Vibrations, I offer several different kind of sessions. Please see my service page to choose the session that you would like to schedule.

For Zoom Sessions please book and Purchase your appointment online. 

For in person appointment contact Minna at 315-481-4591

Once a month I offer 30 minute Reiki sessions with sound at: @3sistersgifts.

Treat Yourself to an energy boost and some relaxation with a 30 minute session of Sound and Reiki combined. Becoming centered and grounded with Minna's soul vibrations mediational breathing approaches for  positive energy.

To make an appointment please call  315-216-4481

 Walk-ins are welcomed

The Health Benefits from Reiki with Sound features

Stress reduction,  improves body relaxation, may help with pain relief, and reenergizes the body.  

Come and treat yourself to a relaxing session.

Understanding of the purpose of Reiki and the Afore mentioned Modalities:

I understand the modalities of Reiki, Crystal Reiki, and Reiki with Sound,  are simple, gentle techniques used for stress reduction, increased relaxation and compliment medical or psychological care I may be receiving.

I understand Reiki and or Reiki with Sound does not ever replace traditional medical care. The Reiki practitioner does not ever diagnose conditions, prescribe substances, perform medical treatment nor interfere with the treatment plans of a licensed medical professional.

I understand it is my sole responsibility to seek medical or psychological treatment from a licensed health care professional should I need assistance. 

I understand the body has the ability to heal itself and to do so , complete relaxation is beneficial. I acknowledge that long term body energy imbalance sometimes require multiple Reiki sessions to facilitate the level of relaxation needed



To Schedule any of my services please go to my contact page. My contact information and Business hours for services will be there.