My Story

Welcome everyone,

 I would like to share my story of how I started my journey into Holistic Healing. In January of 2022, I became ill with COVID. I am one of the few who is unable to receive the COVID vaccinations. My Body is hyper-sensitive to medications. Due to this condition, when I became ill with COVID, I became severally sick. COVID almost cost me my life. I was sick and had side effects from this disease that still to this day affect me. I had pneumonia which affected my lungs and created long-term breathing problems for me. My muscles became weak and pain would rip throughout my body. My hair was falling out in hand fulls. The next 6 months of my life were in and out of Dr.'s offices trying to find a way to help me recover from this devastating illness. I started reading up on alternative healing treatments to see if I could find something natural that would not have a negative effect on my body. I started to take a couple of vitamins one for my muscles and one to help my hair loss. My hair loss stopped but I still was having pain in my muscles. This is when I started reading up about Reiki and its health benefits. I found a Reiki teacher and started my journey of learning how to become a Reiki Master. By doing this I started to have less pain in my body, the meditations started to help my breathing and my lungs became stronger again.  I would practice my self-healing every day. The healthier I became the more I wanted to share this experience with others. While on this path I discovered crystal singing bowls. I was so drawn to them. I started to research how to use them. I finally after several months found a school that did hands-on workshops along with video classes. I have completed my level 1 certification class in sound healing. Some of the biggest benefits I have noticed for myself is how the sound helps control my pain from arthritis in my hips. I also enjoy how peaceful and relaxed I become when I am playing the instruments. My stress levels decreased, and I become so calm and at peace. Since I have been certified I have been offering sound baths. People love them, they report overall peace and their stress levels decrease and they love how it helps them. I currently am working on my Sound Healing Practitioner diploma.

I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity. I'm looking forward to sharing these Holistic modalities with others.